Get Involved

If you would like to help out, you can get involved too; we want to share the Barkah of this glorious event inshallah, there are many ways you can get involved.

Spread the Word

To help you spread the word we have put together a participation pack which you can download below, it includes a template poster you can customise to your language, a text message template to send to all your friends and family, also included is an email banner and everything else you need to help us make this event a truly amazing event....we cannot do it without you, get involved and help us make history.

Video Blogs on the night

We want you to get involved and have fun, why not make an event of it, get your friends, family or even community together and use this as an opportunity to connect with the global ummah: you can then film yourselves and send us your videos so we can show the world the power the ummah has when we put our minds to it.

Why not book a local mosque or community centre and help those who cannot get in front of a computer or bring people together in the Ramadhan.

Help us out, register as a volunteer in your country/region

In order for this to hit our target of all muslims we need your help to spread the word in your region, contact us to find out more...Pledge your support below.

Translators for all languages please email us.

Spread the word (have we mentioned that already)

Important note: We must make it very clear that no individual nor organisation will financially or otherwise benefit from the global prayer. All those involved will inshallah be rewarded greatly in the afterlife....where it matters.